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One can choose from different styles Zara has to offer. The customers visiting the stores which are mainly located at prime locations can select from thousands of styles. All these brands are targeting distinct customer segments and distinct needs and preferences. Apart from them, men also comprise a smaller segment of its target market and the smallest segment is that of the kids. It is known for its perfect combination of high end, chic clothing at affordable prices. Its designs merge fashion and grace with comfort capability. It brings the same designs at lower prices quick to the market. Zara uses ecological fabrics like organic cotton in the production of some of their items. Promotion: The marketing expenses of Zara are much lower than the average fashion retailers. However, that does not mean that Zara has compromised on quality. It invested instead in good store designs and great customer service. Zara has sharply targeted this segment using the latest styles and low prices. However, this function is currently not available to Singaporean customers. Process:- Inditex has adopted an integrated business model that has brought higher efficiency. Angelica May Ignacio Ms.

It uses its unique business model to bring new products and fashion to the market in shortest time possible. Many stores are akin to museums and by investing in premier locations; Chanel ensures the company is customer orientated and available.

The reasons are affordability and style.

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Eric Balaoro I. Zara also teams up with local talent to provide best fashion trends. It also ensures that storefronts and window displays are attractive and fresh to customers by making frequent changes to the items on display.

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Its th store opened in Hawaii in Zara has positioned itself as an affordable fashion brand for the young people. In this way, Inditex has brought a long range of fashion products that cater to the needs of various customer groups.

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While Zara is known for latest styles, it is also known for affordable fashion. Stradivarius:- Capturing the essence youthful creativity, Stradivarius is for the youth seeking the latest and most innovative in fashion. The company employs professionals who are proficiently skilled to handle the distribution of the goods.

It has a separate website called Inditex careers that it uses to attract and retain best talent. These people know their customers and their taste very well and bring amazing designs that appeal to their customers.

This band joined Inditex in and released its first line for women in

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