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The months of service will certainly be a challenge and a test, but I am ready for it. At this point I believe the hardest part will be to gain the trust and confidence of the local people, and to prove to them that I am not there to change them into a subset of the United States, but instead to help them reach their fullest potential.

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One of my primary goals in life has been to help people in a meaningful way and I feel that Peace Corps uniquely provides me with that opportunity. As I contemplate my next step, I can think of no more rewarding undertaking than joining the Peace Corps and using my previous experience to help better serve the global population. When the children saw the familiar faces of the other volunteers, they immediately ran up to them, greeting them with a hug. In doing this, Core Expectation 4 will be satisfied. My undergraduate degree in Political Science taught me the complexities of human rights work around the world. My experiences shaped me as an individual, but when it was time for college, I always assumed I would take the average path- a fairly average major, Marketing and International Business, followed by an average life where I would take an average job and raise a family. You should definitely join us for this blogging journey, at least! I want to serve as aPeace Corps Volunteer because I want to share my passion for language and creative expression with other people by empowering their own individual voices. If I do face these challenges, I will not let it affect my reasoning for being there. Though Mexican heritage ran in my blood, I had not truly experienced Mexican culture until I was immersed in it.

Though I had an incredibly fun time, I was challenged, intrigued, and forced to re-consider my definitely average plans. I will be more culturally sensitive and be more open to new ideas and ways of thinking outside the box.

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I grew up actively volunteering with my friends and family in many areas of our community, especially in the local 4-H program. The children loved getting their picture taken, and before I knew it, I had a group of children by my side, laughing, and making silly faces at the camera.

In times like that I had to remind myself of the positives of my experience.

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I know that this possibly may be the most challenging because of my past experiences, described in my cross-cultural essay. I have been a volunteer and advocate for education equity for many years, and because of my experiences, I have come to realize the vital role that language plays in the world and the inflaming effect it can have on individual lives and social justice movements.

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