Writing a blog using joomla

In case you have a favoured commenting system like LiveFyre and Disqus, you can integrate a third party extension which can help you to do that.

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Join the Everything Club. So that you can slowly working towards it using the built-in options and customizing it when necessary. Without any third party extensions, you can now create a full-featured blog with our Joomla templates. Choose "Category Blog". Enter "Blog" in the "Menu Title" area. Now, refresh your site and you will find commenting option at the bottom of your each article on your blog and user can also comment on your article using their Disqus account, Facebook account, Twitter account and Google account as well. Rest assured, with the right approach and tools, Joomla is at par with any blogging software.

Click "New" and create the "Blog" category. You will be able to change these features under the "Options" tab.

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Step 3. It is easy to create entries that have images, sections for different sizes and colours as well as reviews. Set the "Leading Articles" field to "10". Choose "Blog" in the "Choose a Category" field. Choose "Category Blog". Enter "Blog" in the "Menu Title" area. Step 4. Create the Menu Link The second step is to create a menu link so that visitors can see our blog. After you get this, click on it to configure. When you integrate EasyBlog, it provides you with several blogging features like advance media management, in built comment facility and integration with social media. Click "New" and create the "Blog" category. K2 Extension K2 , also known as Content Creation Kit is quite compatible to Joomla as it is easy to customize and lets you add customized fields. For example, you might want to remove the "Hits" text. To create a blog in Joomla, you can either use Joomla itself or one of its blog extensions. If you know of other ways to incorporate a dynamic blog in Joomla do let us know in comments.

Inside the plugin, click the "General Options" tab. Make sure, Status is selected Published. Click "New". Create a blog in Joomla without using blog extensions Create a blog in Joomla without using blog extensions By - January 14, Before we get to the steps on how to create a blog in Joomla, lets learn something about blogging itself.

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A new module will be appeared then. Give a Title according to your choice, Define the Position of your module and Make sure Published is selected on the Status drop-down menu.

writing a blog using joomla

You can also directly integrate it with newsletter extensions and social extensions like Community Builder. Add a Comments extension If you want a true blog, you will need a way to collect user comments.

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With that you have the Blog menu and the category ready. Over to you Are there any other Joomla blogging features that you'd like us to talk about? Add more meta informations to the article such as its publishing date both in the category and article view. It is better to use the latest versions of Joomla if you have this kind of website. Enter the title of the category, for example Blog. Hold all comments from unregistered users for moderation. Post Formates There are seven article posting formate.

After making the changes the article view now looks something like this.

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How to Create a Blog Using Joomla