Write a review php script

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But, it is important for you to find a reliable script that will work efficiently without troubles. View all features PulsePro PulsePro is a comprehensive rating system that allows your visitors to vote on your content.

Further, from our blog, you may realize the importance of authentic reviews. Beginners will love the framework that comes with the script. These solutions offer your visitors the opportunity to quickly leave some form of feedback, which is a great way for them to engage with your website.

What you want is what you get. You can categorize movies reviews on the basis of languages so, you can showcase Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movies review.

Write a review php script

Featuring an advanced admin panel, you're able to manage your opinion polls by taking advantage of an intuitive user-interface that is easy-to-use no matter what your skill level may be. It allows users to add more content with ease. Also, your PHP version should also be 5 or higher than five in order for you to install this. Visitors can search any product review instantly with the help of search bar present on the home page. Choose from a variety of bundled rating icons and colors that match the style of your website perfectly. They can leave behind a star-rating or thumbs-up, providing you with valuable feedback so you see how your content may be performing. This helps you to post authorized reviews on your website. Users with more advanced web development experience can use a PHP code as a starting point for the website. Tip for consumers: Try the demo version and see if it will suite your needs - remember you can always ask for bespoke modification to any of their scripts Service. On the other hand, the back-end features a responsive admin pane, a user management system and a website settings action. Also, there is an easy to use feedback form through which your visitors can place their feedback with ease. An advanced admin area provides access to several selectable features. A bunch of useful features are also provided out-of-the-box that add to the scripts' overall high-quality finish. You can see both the front and the back-end and test all its features. These great features allow you to effortlessly customize the script to suit your websites style and needs.

Admin has full control over the reviews section of their website with the help of this script. AM scripts have always provided the best solutions for e-commerce sites.

Once you purchase this, you will get free updates and a helpful support for a period of up to one year.

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