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And then there are games.

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Invest in tools that help you create, share, and publish cross-device content in an efficient way. New Flavors Understand and create content for mobile and other new channels.

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There are even newer opportunities like wearables, the Internet of things, and the growth of "gamification" that is, incorporating games into the customer experience. Liana Fair Mehring and Bluebery Planterose provided editorial comments. Putting this ability into the hands of marketing and creative teams helps to break down the silos that slow the production of mobile app content. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a non-partisan, private operating foundation. Debbie Millman, CMO and president of design for Sterling Brands, has facilitated the redesign of more than global brands. On June 1, Adobe launched Acrobat. But, these are the challenges that successful mobile marketing enterprises are learning to solve.

Their app offers premium content that gets rave reviews for raising revenue. The report is not an official monitoring tool.

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Watch her interview to learn how to use design — not just to communicate, but to motivate and move your customers. No customer experience is the same and you need the agility to adopt or develop the applications that will work for you. Also, be open to the newest and seemingly insignificant opportunities. Learn more Adobe Experience Platform Features From personalization to data management, intelligent decisioning to experience creation at scale, Adobe Experience Platform offers a variety of features built specifically for customer experience management. For more information, visit www. Meanwhile, content created for desktops will drop 7 percent in the next three years. See how you can modernize your workflow to meet customer demands and outperform your competition. Instead, it would focus on HTML 5 for mobile devices. You need to have the tools in place — so your team can efficiently create content for multiple channels as well as the ability to experiment with new forms of media. The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a non-partisan, private operating foundation.

As part of the acquisition, the source code of PhoneGap was submitted to the Apache Foundationwhere it became Apache Cordova. So, you need to budget a certain percentage of production time and resources to continuously test content for new media and channels.

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