Why was the eu created

Seven countries have since joined.

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The treaties simplified the decision-making process within the EU by replacing the principle of unanimity with a qualified majority in many areas. Euratom would integrate sectors in nuclear energy while the EEC would develop a customs union between members.

The EU was created in the wake of the Second World War in order to foster economic cooperation and to prevent further conflict between European countries.

European union purpose

Later this cooperation was extended to other areas of life. During the interwar period , the consciousness that national markets in Europe were interdependent though confrontational, along with the observation of a larger and growing US market on the other side of the ocean, nourished the urge for the economic integration of the continent. The Free Trade Agreement made it possible to trade across the borders in Europe without any customs duties. Croatia Controversy While Croatia's joining of the EU was controversial in its own right, the EU has attempted to remain neutral in the recent Croatia-Slovenia border dispute. The anthem was adopted by the Council of Europe in and in it was adopted by EU leaders as the official anthem of the European Union. Still, individual citizens allegedly have say in the democratically structured union. The organisation was a forerunner of several other European Communities and what is now the European Union. What is the purpose of the EU? For the first time the citizens could elect members to the European Community Parliament by direct popular vote in

Although Brexit may prove to be more harmful to Britain than the European Union, there have still been rippling impacts on the EU in the post-Brexit world.

Germany reunified and the door to enlargement to the former Eastern Bloc was opened See also: Copenhagen Criteria. Still, the currency's value has since risen in The Community started expanding in the s when new members joined it.

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On 1 Januarynotes and coins were put into circulation, replacing the old currencies entirely. Euratom was to integrate sectors in nuclear energy while the EEC would develop a customs union among members. The EU's concern over Greece leaving the eurozone nearly caused several other countries, including Italy and Portugal, to suffer sovereign debt crises, making many skeptical of the EU's policy to back the debt of its members.

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In fact, according to the EU's website, more than million EU citizens in 19 countries use the euro as their currency.

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What is the EU, why was it created and when was it formed?