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However, where some shamed Zara for the "uglified" image, others defended the model arguing that beauty is the eye of the beholder.

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So, when social media users saw this image, most insisted that Zara "uglified" the model, and used an unattractive and improper representation of her. I spend a lot of time reading the corporate social responsibility reports of larger brands and interviewing micro-to-small sized enterprises to see how they approach sustainability.

If these kind of changes were to occur, I would start to believe Zara and other fashion brands had good intentions to curb climate change. We'll be wearing these often. Back in April, the Jewel store's massive duplex facade was not yet ready to meet the world.

Zara's new logo is making me claustrophobic. It didn't take long before the customers began to share their thoughts on the brand's new look. For the benefit of the earth and humanity, large brands need to look at how to move away from their continuous offerings of weekly new products.

But the shutters were finally removed in late July, and you could say the "Chinese Zara's" third store in Singapore is worth the wait. The logo stands out among the cleaner logos that seem to be suddenly sweeping the fashion industry.

Large global corporate retailers are not seeking to change their fundamental business model or create cultures of sustainability.

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That's all good, but how are the goods? But even if garments are collected in-store, the capabilities to recycle clothing at the scale needed for current production rates do not exist.

We will depict how zara

Nominations are open for the inaugural Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards, which recognise Southern African designers who have implemented a sustainable design approach The current carbon footprint of the fashion industry is over eight per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions , larger than all international travel. This is the paradox at the heart of western consumerist culture and one that goes beyond fast-fashion industry. How do the dresses, shirts, bags and shoes in "China's Zara" compare to the real Zara in terms of price, quality and style? The global population is set to grow by another two billion people in the next 30 years. Unlike annual financial reports, corporate social responsibility CSR reports are voluntary and not verified externally. By Anika Kozlowski 26 Apr Fast fashion is not eco-friendly The fast-fashion business model itself is the very antithesis to sustainability. But switching to sustainable fabrics while producing fashion clothing under the same model will not make any fast-fashion retailer sustainable.

The current carbon footprint of the fashion industry is over eight per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissionslarger than all international travel.

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Fast fashion lies: Will they really change their ways in a climate crisis?