Thesis requirements psu

We encourage students to review the formatting requirements early in the thesis or dissertation process; it is much easier to properly format the document to these specifications from the beginning as opposed to changing all the formatting when preparing for submission.

See additional information in Order of the ETD.

Thesis requirements psu

They can be defined in any order but will appear in a specific order when the document is processed. Arabic numeration continues to the end of the document. A submission after these deadlines will result in graduation in a subsequent term. This document has been set up to be typeset using pdflatex. In fact, the structure used by our students is even a little more involved and commands are defined to point to the various directories. Finally, I put together much of the style file by piecing together parts of other style files that I picked up from various people. The psuthesis. The default sets them as two-line entries try it. The first additional option specifies the degree type. This is for single space formatting.

Tables and figures in the appendices should not be listed in the List of Tables or List of Figures. The style file itself had to be changed, i.

If an already appointed committee needs to be revised, contact OGS for assistance. A page number must be printed on every page. You can choose from: Ph.

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You cannot be certified for graduation without OGS receipt of these completed forms. The definition column will be the remainder of the page, i. Commands can be divided into three groups, commands which set information for the title page, commands to set up the signature page, and commands to include and format the other front matter items. If you are placing your page numbers at the top of the page, adjust the header to 1", then adjust the top margin to 1. These front matter items can be included are in two groups, commands which merely include the associated item, and commands which include the item and define its contents. The definition column is in paragraph form, so manual line breaking is not necessary. Order of the ETD Title page this page does not carry a page number. Headings and spacing are set automatically. Throughout the body of your ETD, tables and figures must be numbered in sequential order, and they must be listed in the List of Tables and List of Figures in the same order that they appear in your ETD. Most of it is analogous to the description above. Final defense deadlines for the current academic year are available here. Both the title page line and separate page can be included, but only one is recommended. To include the style file and bibliographic style file psuthesis. Once you have graduated, no further changes can be made to your ETD.

Figures do not have a minimum font requirement but must be legible. Copyright Notice page this page does not carry a page number.

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Writing Your Thesis in LaTeX at PSU