The timeout process

The timeout process

The ping command obviously cannot reach the non-existent device, so it reports the error and closes down. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The timeout can be prevented by an appropriate signal. To prevent such files becoming unwieldy or even problematic in size, limit the amount of time the capture program is allowed to run. A specified period of time that will be allowed to elapse in a system before a specified event is to take place, unless another specified event occurs first; in either case, the period is terminated when either event takes place. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Network timeout preventing a Web browser from loading a page In telecommunications and related engineering including computer networking and programming , the term timeout or time-out has several meanings, including: A network parameter related to an enforced event designed to occur at the conclusion of a predetermined elapsed time. It is pinging a computer called Nostromo, which is on the test network that was used to research this article. One case is when you know exactly how long you want a process to run for. The basic idea is that in situations where a system must wait for something to happen, rather than waiting indefinitely, the waiting will be aborted after the timeout period has elapsed. Some programs—even simple utilities—can generate network traffic at levels that can impede the performance of your network. This command lets ping run for five seconds. You can give processes time limits, setting a maximum time they can run for with the timeoutcommand. Limiting Data Capture With timeout Some data capture files can grow big very quickly. Typically this is used to tell the shell—or whatever process launched the program— whether problems were encountered by the program as it ran.

When that happens, we need to tell timeout to be a little more forceful. This is known as an exit code. Limiting Data Capture With timeout Some data capture files can grow big very quickly. The exit code is two.

network timeout error

The exit code is zero. This politely asks the program to terminate. You might have a habit of setting processes running, minimizing the terminal window, and forgetting about them.

bash catch timeout

The exit code is On the test machines that this article was researched on, tcpdump was already installed in Ubuntu Linux and Fedora Linux.

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The process exceeded the timeout of seconds.