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This page is geared for students in upper elementary school but would be equally useful for older students. America owes nearly million acres of national forest and parkland to his foresight—some of which can be viewed atop Mount Rushmore, where Roosevelt's visage is carved in memorial. Theodore Roosevelt was, in many ways, one of the most influential and accomplished leaders in American history. The 26th president, known as a "trust buster," broke up some of the nation's largest corporations, helped secure the passage of the Meat Inspection Act for consumer protection, and greatly expanded the powers and responsibilities of the presidency. Roosevelt fought alongside the Mugwump reformers; however, Blaine, having gained support from Arthur's and Edmunds's delegates, won the nomination by votes on the fourth ballot. Search Theodore Roosevelt U. Recalling the experiences of his term as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roosevelt felt it wise to create a strong Navy. He reasoned that a law background was vital to the public service profession he chose to pursue. Other site features include research tools, a biographical sketch, a time line, and quotations. Twelve hours later his beloved Alice passed away. A war hero, and nominated for the Medal of Honor, Roosevelt was elected governor of New York in The strikers were to receive a raise in pay 5 months later. He and his party successfully brought back hundreds of specimens and trophies for museums and for himself. I'm a Republican. His personal arbitration of the United Mine Workers strike proved his point.

He distanced himself from the promise, saying that it had not been meant "for publication". Thanks for watching!

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Roosevelt's charismatic personality and impassioned combination of pounding fists and emphatic rhetoric undoubtedly helped in pushing his agenda. ER, however, surpassed TR in her commitment to civil liberties, civil rights, human rights, and world peace, and she had a more expansive view of human and political relations than he did. Friction between Russia and Japan had been escalating for decades. In foreign affairs, Roosevelt reversed the previous policy of isolationism and ensured the country its place as a world leader. He occasionally returned home to New York to visit his daughter who was living with his sister and to check on the ongoing construction of his Oyster Bay home, Sagamore Hill. A private tutor was engaged to help prepare him for college. When the U. New York studio photo. Roosevelt felt that labor as well as management should receive a square deal. Visit Website When his father died during his second year at Harvard College, Roosevelt channeled his grief into working even harder: After graduating magna cum laude in , he enrolled at Columbia Law School and got married to Alice Hathaway Lee of Massachusetts. While his mother's family sent care packages to relatives behind enemy lines, his father was working for President Lincoln to improve the condition of Union soldiers and their families.

Europe was in the midst of an arms race as Germany and England vied with each other to see who could build the most modern fleet. Under his leadership, the federal government also brought forty-four suits against corporate monopolies.

Upon release, The Naval War of was praised for its scholarship and style, and it remains a standard study of the war.

His political aspirations, however, would soon prove to be far from over.

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In , Congress gave Roosevelt permission to accept the French offer to purchase the rights to a canal through Panama, but only if Colombia would be willing to give the United States permanent use of the canal. Describing his foreign policy as "speak softly but carry a big stick," TR maintained America's military strength particularly that of the navy while working assiduously for peace. He successfully led efforts to organize ranchers to address problems of overgrazing and other shared concerns; his work resulted in the formation of the Little Missouri Stockmen's Association. Roosevelt: His Life and Times. Beginning in , TR served three years in the New York State Assembly where he quickly earned a reputation for political independence and social conscience. Brands argued that "The most obvious drawback to his home schooling was uneven coverage of the various areas of human knowledge". Search Theodore Roosevelt U. He and his party successfully brought back hundreds of specimens and trophies for museums and for himself.

Nonetheless, he did participate as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in It would only be a matter of time before Roosevelt was enacting his own policies. Four months before the wedding in JuneTheodore had been awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

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You can also click on the various links to other pages of this well-designed site for a biographical sketch of Roosevelt's second wife, Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt; a history of the White House; kid's pages; and more. Much like his father, Teedie had great energy, curiosity, determination and compassion for those less fortunate. He retreated to the Dakotas for a time; his wife Edith regretted her role in the decision and vowed that there would be no repeat of it. His clothes were considered too flashy for the conservatives, who also disapproved of his recently grown sideburns. Though ready to re-enter politics again, Roosevelt never regretted his two years in the Dakotas. Roosevelt declared, "we cannot afford to let Europe get a foothold in our backyard, so we'll have to act as policemen for the West. A private tutor was engaged to help prepare him for college. Roosevelt , all sons of Cornelius Roosevelt.

Faculty members who taught Roosevelt soon learned to treat him warily. It's little wonder that "captains of industry" grew increasingly concerned about the reforms that Roosevelt might institute.

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