The central themes in damaged an episode of the tv show arrow

Because I make my own choices. China White : To drink and smoke your life away?

Arrow season 7 episode 1

Sorry, Black Canary. You didn't happen to leave a spare earthquake machine lying around, did you? I'll go see her when you stop going out at night looking to clean up the streets. In flashback, Khufu rises from Chay-Ara's bed shortly after it's implied they've had sex. She said, "Arrow [has] officially established itself as one of the most satisfying shows on television. Diggle: Which will come in handy when we hit the water at miles per hour. Felicity: Yeah, I did. When I ask you not to confront the vigilante, you will listen.

Moira: Well, I didn't. It's over.

Arrow season 7 episode 7

And the two of them ultimately get into a knock-down-and-drag-out fight, filled with punches and kicks. Nothing what it once was. The new Star City district attorney, he is later revealed to be the arch-villain Prometheus in season five. Oliver: The Undertaking. Blood: The city needs a leader. And now you're here to trying to kill me. The last time the vigilante paid your Mom a visit, you got shot, and I got to play doctor with you. And I'm pretty sure they murdered my father. Do you really think that I could go on living knowing that you sacrificed thousands more in my name? I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him. They're out there because love is real. Broken Dolls [2.

He dislocates his thumb to extricate them. Gonzalez was promoted to series regular from season six.

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Can I just say? Brother Blood: Brother Cyrus told me he killed you. Sin : [about Roy] You know you're dating a moron, right? Diggle: Which will come in handy when we hit the water at miles per hour. Though not necessarily in that order.

I don't just tell people easily. He is considered as one of the best Arrow villains, Chase committed suicide at the end of season 5 as last ditch-effort to prove a point to Oliver, that everything he touches, dies.

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Arrow: “Damaged”