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A student with special needs has the right to a free and appropriate public education. She has been a special education teacher for a grand total of thirty-two years.

Successful Learning outcome The success of a learning outcome can only be determined by demonstration of how much the children have learned.

For example, in an ARD meeting, a regular education teacher must discuss the child's daily functions, testing, and modifications as well as make placement recommendations, assess strengths and weaknesses and coordinate with the special education teacher.

Argenio teaches 7th and 8th-grade students in English, reading, and writing, this is a pull-out program.

Additionally, it is important to create an environment where all staff members are supported in their efforts in implementing inclusive practices.

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They also get involved in the social and behavioral development of their students. It is important to know the number of students who already have disabilities and those who are currently in the general education classes.

A special education teacher creates and applies a curriculum that is specific to the needs and abilities of each student Cook,p. This may make the children begin to lose concentration and become bored with the task reducing stimulation.

I first noticed this on a personal level as friends would come to Why I Want to be a Professional Engineer words - 3 pages unless it serves for the betterment of humanity. Students with special needs have always been separated from a regular classroom.

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