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Uniform set of standards that franchisees must consistently meet in order to deliver on that promise A strong brand promise will drive clients to franchisees.

Social franchising: Improving quality and expanding contraceptive choice in the private sector.

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You'll typically identify a number of questions during this process that you can refer to the franchise company to make sure you have a clear understanding of the franchise startup prior to making a final decision to proceed with the franchise. J Adol Health. There was a clear moment of epiphany for each our partners when this realization sank in, and it has made all the difference. Oxfam director of strategy and ICSF partner Kate Wearing says housing associations are particularly well placed to develop social franchises. Conclusion Implementers and funders of social franchising will dramatically improve their bottom lines when they understand the fundamentals of franchising discussed in this article. Effect of a multifaceted social franchising model on quality and coverage of maternal, newborn, and reproductive health-care services in Uttar Pradesh, India: a quasi-experimental study. Prospective franchisees should have the ability to increase the range and quality of services they offer and the capacity to serve more clients. Regardless of the source of funding for the new business even if all funding is coming from your savings , you should always prepare a section of the business plan related to financing needs. The social enterprise model may be any of those listed, depending on the type of business and objectives. Consider demand-side subsidies, such as vouchers or participation in health insurance, to effectively serve youth and clients from the lowest income quintiles. Income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets that project the anticipated financial performance of the business when it begins operation. One of the most important exercises to go through in the startup of any business is the creation of a business plan, and this is just as true with franchised businesses as with any other. Purchasers pay franchise fees to receive the social enterprise model, methodology, etc. Successful franchisees must see value in franchise network membership, be motivated to expand their contraceptive service offerings, and be open and responsive to supportive supervision.

The report added that there are commercial franchises currently in the UK, and that some of these could be adapted in order to provide social benefit — it cited the example of a grounds maintenance franchise that could be adapted to create employment opportunities specifically for disadvantaged people.

These projections should always be prepared on a very conservative basis, since it's not possible to project the unexpected delays or challenges that always seem to happen on any new business startup.

CDI works in partnership with schools and community-based associations through a social franchise model providing free computer equipment, software, and educational strategies.

She adds: "If you were considering wholly-owned growth in 12 cities, for example, the cost would be vast.

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During this stage we work through the following action items: Roll out of franchisees Continued learning and innovations Sources: Bonnici, F. From the outset, the franchise must be designed so that franchisees benefit financially when the social mission is achieved. The franchisor must have systems in place to monitor compliance with standards, and to proactively solve problems as they arise so that they do not become unmanageable. Pro Forma Financial Projections. Jibu, the company my father and I started about a year ago, is in the midst of piloting this model, and we think we may be on to something. Lancet Glob Health. The systems are transferable to franchisees with a reasonable amount of effort and time. Comparing private sector family planning services to government and NGO services in Ethiopia and Pakistan: how do social franchises compare across quality, equity and cost? Social franchising: Improving quality and expanding contraceptive choice in the private sector. To this end, the ICSF is developing an 'online toolkit' — a prototype of which could be ready in mid-November — for small enterprises that want to replicate their work. Palgrave McMillan. Given the higher up-front costs associated with LARCs, voucher programs have successfully increased the proportion of clients opting for a voluntary LARC method at a social franchise facility within the context of informed choice.

Whether the company requires this or not, it's not a bad idea. Agreements may also include the price guidance at which these services should be offered. Clarify expectations and commitments between franchisor and franchisee at the outset.

Structures adopted by existing UK social franchises include federations — where member franchisees contribute cooperatively to the development of the entire organisation — or the 'central charity' model used by Foodbank where franchisees are spun out from the original charity, which maintains tight control.

Decker M, Montagu D.

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Writing the Franchise Business Plan