Rural market

Rural market

Rural and Urban Market Analysis Consumer behavior is a crucial area to be delved upon by the companies. Kashyap recalls that his solution was typically a grassroots one and simple: "We decided to target women's self-help groups spread across the country and began training women who were to act as distributors of Lever's products.

At the same time, we must note that increasing literacy rate, improved sources of income, awareness due to improved and increased means of communication and transportation, high rate of mobility within and between countries due to liberalization and globalization, and many other such reasons, some customers are likely to be identical.

Suggestions for improvement of rural marketing

Some companies have integrated their tracking systems with those of their channel partners to better forecast demand and manage the sales pipeline. The basic choice is usually between choosing a new site or upgrading an existing market or trading area. Clearly, the triggers for a rural revival are all there: rural sops owing to general and state elections, farm loan waivers, good rainfall, MSP hike, direct benefit transfer DBT , stability in distribution last two years were impacted by GST, demonetization and infrastructure improvement—such as road construction and electrification, points out Abneesh Roy, an analyst at Edelweiss Securities. Companies are investing considerable resources in detailed market surveys to identify promising clusters with enough demand to generate profits quickly. Another old players in this segment is Mumbai-based Sampark Solutions which came on the rural marketing scene in the s. Gaining the trust of respected teachers, health care professionals, and others with high standing in the community can reinforce marketing messages. In rural marketing, a firm has to undergo marketing efforts to satisfy rural segments, which notably differ from urban segments in some aspects.

This can be done by hiring locals for no-frills support in the villages. But Sitaram feels that rural markets could recover well with good monsoons. Idea Cellular, for instance, is able to compete for sales talent with higher-margin auto dealers and product manufacturers by granting its sons of the soil larger territories, consisting of villages clustered near its cell towers.

rural marketing examples

Another automaker, Ashok Leyland, engages truck drivers by asking their opinion on vehicle designs. One can also develop teams of youth from the rural areas to educate the rural masses regarding these issues and how they can be tackled with the use of the rural market products manufactured by the company.

There is the vast difference in the rural market vs urban market pattern. India's unemployment rate has declined to 4.

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Rural Marketing: Introduction, Concept and Definitions