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It enhances scope of education by facilitating mobile learning and inclusive education. Nowadays the role of Information and Communication Technology ICTespecially internet in the education sector plays an important role, especially in the process of empowering the technology into the educational activities.

ICT is not just the bloom of the educational activities, but also it will be the secondary option to improve the effective and meaningful educational process.

Information can be shared by local professionals and their clients with integrity and information security devolved to the professionals. All this relies heavily on suitable infrastructure being available, but as we move to Digital TV, relatively high digital capacity will be available from the bandwidth released by analogue transmissions.

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What should we be endeavouring to deliver in the 21st century? Many countries in the world are introducing similar developments and look to our lead.

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A judicious use of ICT technologies together with new functions and roles of education personnel can bring about more efficient and effective teaching learning-process. In terms of technology we are starting to see individuals using multiple devices in a variety of ways. These are the skills our young people are developing, and according to Microsoft research presented at Bett , these are the very same skills that employers are seeking from potential employees. Information and communication technologies are extremely influencing every discipline including Education. A lot of WebBlog providers are free to the users, such as WordPress. Empowering our educators and encouraging co-operation and collaboration across agencies should be fundamental. We must be careful not to throw away the heritage we have, but we must drive forwards blending the new opportunities in the context of the successes of the past.

Impact of ICT and its potential for the education field is manifold. Today it is the norm to use a range of personal data tools that specifically suit our needs.

importance of information and communication technology in education

Just as devices are now ubiquitous, with the connectivity they offer, so too is access to knowledge. Look out shortly for announcements about schools that have achieved the Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award — schools who understand what can be achieved when technology is truly embraced and becomes embedded.

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The mobile phone is ubiquitous, and not just for anytime anywhere voice communication. It is now commonplace to use technology socially to communicate, collaborate, elicit and offer opinion, share ideas and to use Web 2.

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The role of technology and ICT in Primary and Secondary education