Research propectus

Research propectus

The next section should involve detailed and clearly stated means by which your research will be able to answer the stated questions or problems. The meeting will cover how the flipped classrooms will be conducted to ensure as much uniformity as possible between teachers. Academic achievement and progress will be measured for this study using biweekly tests, semester and end-of-course grades, and standardized test scores. According to Clark , the action based research method has played a big role in the field of education by strengthening the connection between research and practice. In asking you to persuasively describe a compelling project and establish your ability to carry it out, it draws on abilities applicable to a variety of situations in and out of the academy, such as scholarship and funding applications, proposals for research forums, conferences, or publications, job applications, and preparation for larger and more complex research projects such as those found in Ph. Also, ensure that the sources you choose to derive your content from are credible to ensure accuracy in your story or write up. What are the implications for providing informed consent, confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity? If the absolute value of the variables is greater than 0. The practice of inverted learning has been attributed with freeing class time for collaborative higher order activities and case studies Bargagliotti et al. Faith Davies Updated February 21, A research prospectus is a formal summary or proposal for a project.

The researchers will work with the class scheduler for the Algebra I classes and assign the students randomly to the class sections. To measure the engagement of the students and learning effectiveness in both groups, the CAP Perceived Learning Scale will be used.

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You must give very detailed information in this chapter. Effects In an educational environment, a research prospectus gives students an opportunity to receive constructive criticism and feedback about a paper or project before it is completed in order to improve the quality of the final work.

Selected teachers must also have at least one full year experience with the flipped classroom model. All the students who are chosen to participate in the study will have experienced a flipped classroom model of instruction prior to beginning this study.

The Pearson Correlation Coefficient will be used to analyze the test results collected throughout the study to determine if the data is statistically significant. The independent variable IV is the addition of a mobile technology device to students in Algebra I.

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The research study is also affected by geographical location because a rural district will have different challenges than an urban school district. It is also hoped that this study will contribute to the broader understanding of how flipped classrooms are operated and what can be expected during its implementation. The qualitative part of the research will include interviews with students to determine, according to the research hypothesis, whether or not the use of mobile technology devices increases or decreases academic results, by first performing student interviews to determine the current methods of learning. What are the implications for providing informed consent, confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity? The quantitative data will include pre- and post-surveys and the use of teacher created unit tests. Since bringing technology into education, schools have been searching for ways to keep up with the latest trends while maintaining fiscal responsibility. If special skills or assistance such as foreign language competency, access to archives or special collections, technical skills, or access to technical equipment are needed to complete your project, the prospectus should address your preparation in these areas. In addition to the previous, the Algebra I course is not only classified as a regular course, but is also essential for student success in regards to graduation rates. Likewise, students who receive the new mobile technology program will also receive digital citizenship instruction along with training on appropriate use of the device at the beginning of the school year. If the absolute value of the variables is greater than 0. Other students will be randomly assigned to the classes until all classes have the same number of students.
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Research Prospectus