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The Civil War was ended, but Americans had to confront many difficult questions such as how Reconstruction should be carried out over the differences. The war and Reconstruction completed the profound economic change abolition the outdated mode of production, slavery, and expanding opportunities for the rapid industrialization of the entire nation, from the North to South.

It was hard. America's position as a country was established on principles of freedom but those beliefs were weakened by slavery. Millions of people at that period were optimistic and hopeful because it was the greatest time of the transformation of social, political and economic status of a nation Dubois, who in his book The Souls of Black Folk, expressed his discontent with the actions of the Bureau and suggested that the Bureau did more harm than good.

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During this era after women showed bravery by helping out in the war they were looked at in a different perspective more than just a typical housewife. Dubois, who in his book The Souls of Black Folk, expressed his discontent with the actions of the Bureau and suggested that the Bureau did more harm than good. Most African Americans thought of Reconstruction as an opportunity to improve the lives of their entire race. The Dunning School was a gathering of history students who shared the school of thought, from Reconstruction time of American history. However by the year , African Americans could no longer claim many of these rights. While whites would get easy questions that anyone could answer. Reconstruction can be viewed as a revolution because the previous social order, slavery, was replaced suddenly by a more favorable one, freedom for African-Americans. Once they left their plantations, they had nowhere to live. At the same time, the outcomes of the Civil War and Reconstruction were disappointing to a large part of the US population, especially slave, whose liberation was one of the major drivers of the Civil War, but the Reconstruction granted them with basic rights and liberties. During the War, Northern states undermined the economic situation in the South encouraging slaves to rebel against their masters in the South and join the Northern army which they perceived as the liberation army. President Lincoln wanted to let the South come back to the union and make them pay for it, however the radical republicans wanted to make the South pay for succeeding in the first place and causing the union all the problems. The political and social aim of Reconstruction was to form national unity as well as create civil rights and equality for African Americans. Southern states were left in economic and politic distress and faced renewed social issues.

This new freedom and opportunities were not much greater than before when slavery existed. Congress' view of President Johnson began to deteriorate.

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This basically stripped blacks of every right and justice that was due to them. In many Southern states, military governments were established until the states accepted the terms of re-entry into the Union. The first question at hand was to decide which governments would uphold authority in the South Tindell In terms of the Reconstruction, two ideas permeated the political field: who would have the authority to enact these changes and in what ways would national unity be accomplished. Slavery was indeed a very important topic during this time. Unfortunately, this relief was short-winded. This conflict had mostly taken place in the south and therefore the people there were the for the most part affected by this warfare. Dubois, who in his book The Souls of Black Folk, expressed his discontent with the actions of the Bureau and suggested that the Bureau did more harm than good.

However, through this process, one theme that transcends throughout is his belief in the strict principles of Marxist economic theory. Yet, various individuals and political parties held a plethora of contrasting beliefs concerning how to face this reconstruction task.

It was also the process used to readmit all the Confederate states back into the Union.

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The liberation of slaves undermined the economy of South because landowners could not exploit the free labor force. Reconstruction was a failure on the basis that the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments that were passed should have given protection and freedom to the African American people, instead, it actually hurt them because the laws were not enforced, and eventually lead to the organization of white supremacy terrorist groups.

This time period lasted approximately twelve years from

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