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Iniguez: Prediction of a native ferroelectric metal, Nature Comm. Schmid, Multi-ferroic magnetoelectrics.

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The Empa researchers are seeking this long-term stability. Epub Dec Tungsten oxides, on the other hand, are comparatively unstable and are used for smart windows, gas sensors or as catalytic converters in petrochemistry. Puig1, C. Waliszewski1,2, U. In other words, it can be used to generate electricity, produce detectors -- or conduct semiconductor experiments, which would not have been possible with the pure base materials. Pino1, J. Ricci, P. Iniguez 2 , F. This is why University of Bern postdoc Chiara Ricca and colleagues decided it was critical to take into account local structural and chemical effects for each transition metal site in the oxide when aiming for an accurate description of defective SMO. We aim to provide such information by obtaining insight into several fundamental problems on oxide systems combining theoretical and experimental methodologies:. To produce these oxide phases Siol and his colleagues use different industrially scalable techniques: controlled oxidation of thin metal films in a tube furnace or electrolyte solution, as well as reactive sputtering, where the metals are oxidized directly during the deposition process. Guziewicz1, M. Maccioni, G.

Epub Dec Stangl1, J. Li1, L. While the inclusion of U—meant to correct self-interaction of electrons in complex oxides—is necessary in such materials, the specific choice of U based on stoichiometric material properties could lead to potential shortcomings in the description of defective SMO—manganese ions around the defect have a different coordination environment.

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Researching stable systems At Empa, Siol will bring his experience in making "impossible" oxide alloys to the table. Siol's colleague Claudia Cancellieri has been researching the electronic properties of oxide interfaces for several years and contributes her expertise to the project. He aims to discover oxide mixtures with a variable structure and thus stabilize them to such an extent that they become fit for everyday use. The heterostructures exhibit strong and selective UV absorption and the photocurrent signal was modified by adding isolating layers at the interface. Ros3, P. Villarejo1, B. Our work stresses that this bottom-up approach has a strong potential to create cost-effectively coated conductors with outstanding performances. Schmid, Multi-ferroic magnetoelectrics. In particular, theory has predicted SMO thin films to turn from antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic with increasing oxygen deficiency, which is supported by recent experimental studies. We will discuss the correlation existing between defect structure and vortex pinning efficiency in YBCO nanocomposite films BaZrO3, Y2O3 and Ba2 Ta,Y O6 second phase nanoparticles obtained from complex metallorganic solutions or through colloidal solutions with preformed nanoparticles.

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Research Advances of Amorphous Metal Oxides in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion.