Olivers vegetables writing activities

We also need a variety of different foods. Then they can help with the peeling, cutting and coring of the fruit or vegetables This is a really good task for developing their motor control and giving them confidence in using a knife.


I start by looking at the front cover of the book and asking the kids where they think the story is set. Make a list with the kids of all the foods they think are bad for their teeth such as [groan!


The kids could grow their own plants to sell and perhaps even make a small growing area in the school grounds where they could grow some fruit and vegetables. Why do we need these do they think? One of my 6 year old's spent ages screwing up pieces of green tissue paper in order to make peas to go with his sausage and chips!

olivers vegetables story map

You could allow them to work as a group and cut pictures out of magazines to stick on their Venn diagram or cut out teeth.

For younger kids 2 big cut out teeth would be good. They could then make a very simple Venn Diagram putting bad foods in one circle and good foods in the other circle and they may come across a small amount of foods that fit in the middle.

One white and one black.

You'll be surprised how imaginative they are! While they are enjoying what they are doing they will be learning! Then we read the blurb at the end of the book and discuss what might have happened to the fruit in the story. Stress that is what could happen to their teeth if they were to drink a lot of coke! Of course this is not always true and often the lads are quite happy to be a waiter or the dad in the kitchen doing the cooking for the family! A waiting room would be good with some magazines on a table! They could make their own food out of play dough or clay. Bad foods on the black tooth and good foods on the white one! Make an Imaginative Play Area for your Food Teaching Theme What makes starting a topic such fun is bringing it to life with an exciting play area! If you'd like to order this book from Amazon just click on the book above! You will also need a white coat for the dentist to wear [I've used an old white shirt of my husband! Ask the kids to predict what might happen when they take the egg [tooth] out of the liquid. Like the hen in the story, the children baked their own bread. They usually bring with them a puppet or short film to make it more child friendly! Ask them which one they liked the best and why.
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