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Increase Stamina: Hit the gym. If you want to lead a group of people, you must have good amount of knowledge.

Speed of decision: At times of war, a quick decision can save countless lives and also can lead to winning a war. These traits are assessed by your speech, actions and thoughts. Cooperation is the ability of a person to 7. Thus, candidates need to show their knowledge in the interview in order to become an officer.

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So an officer should have the quality of liveliness in order to impress his juniors. Maybe you have the best idea but it is of no use if you are not able to convey that to your group.

Social Effectiveness Related to Guts 8. By doing so, you can have such practical intelligence that you can find the solution for everything.

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Effective Intelligence The basic intelligence will be tested. Download eBooks:. What are the 15 Officer Like Qualities? Higher degree of intelligence is required for successful leaders. Self Confidence: It is the faith in oneself to accomplish to task successfully. If an officer becomes selfish, then whole country may fell in risk of being attacked or intruded. Thus fundamental intelligence is one of the most important officers like qualities. Psychology, Interview and Group Testing. Communication skills bring the extra confidence in the leader. Regular practice is essential to have a good pronunciation and speaking skills. Even at home. If an officer fails to persuade his juniors, then he will fail to accomplish the task assigned to him. One should know the art of enjoying life while dealing with its harsh realities. Try to volunteer yourself for stage decorations etc. So an officer should have the quality of liveliness in order to impress his juniors.

Always try to initiate talk with someone.

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5 Daily Hacks To Inculcate Officer Like Quality