Mayan writing and language awareness

Glyphs representing, from left to right, the sky, an ahau kinga house, a child, and the city of Palenque.

Mayan hieroglyphics alphabet

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the 16th century Spanish conquistadors and the 21st century Taliban. Suddenly, the Maya entered written history. Although not much is known about Maya scribes, some did sign their work, both on ceramics and on stone sculpture. They discuss aspects of the flora, fauna, inhabitants and ruins, and include customs, traditions and history. The first stela in each series always showed a seated figure. For instance, the glyph for "west" included a well-known symbol for the sun and an as-yet unidentified symbol depicting a nearly closed hand. In , Rafinesque declared in his newsletter, the Atlantic Journal and Friend of Knowledge, that the dots and bars seen in Maya glyphs like these at left, from the Dresden Codex represented simple numbers—a dot equaled one and a bar five. In this system, dates cycle once every 52 years, much like dates cycle annually in our Gregorian calendar. The following are a few of the logograms. The next step came really when the Maya civilization was rediscovered by John Lloyd Stephens and his talented artist companion Frederick Catherwood in the mid 19th century. He was not the first to advocate a phonetic approach to Maya glyphs, though. And sometimes logograms are accompanied by phonetic complements, phonetic signs that serve to clarify the reading of the logogram by either spelling out the beginning or ending sound of the word. As a result, a single glyph could be drawn in dozens of ways. He further improved his decipherment technique in his monograph "The Writing of the Maya Indians" [22] and published translations of Maya manuscripts in his work "Maya Hieroglyphic Manuscripts".

Major breakthroughs were made from the s to s, and accelerated rapidly thereafter. Deciphering Maya texts has become easier with the aid of computers, drawings and the knowledge accumulated over a century of scientific investigation.

Among his greatest contribution to the field was a systematic catalog of all Maya hieroglyphs.

mayan hieroglyphics alphabet chart

The duo left, at the site began piecing together Palenque's history using a carving from the site called the Tablet of the 96 Glyphs, which researchers vaguely understood to depict a line of royal accession. However, the writing system of the Cascajal block is very different from that of the Maya, and it is impossible to say if it had any influence on Maya writing at all.

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In opposition to this idea, Michael Coe described "epiphenomenal" as "a ten penny word meaning that Maya writing is only of marginal application since it is secondary to those more primary institutions—economics and society—so well studied by the dirt archaeologists.

Nevertheless, glyph studies nearly came to a halt during this time, in large part because Thompson had most scholars convinced that each of the symbols in glyphs stood for entire words or ideas. The skill and knowledge of Maya writing persisted among segments of the population right up to the Spanish conquest.

The Annals of Cakchiquel are also known as the Solola Memorial, and were written inin the Cakchiquel language.

mayan hieroglyphics and meanings

To remove ambiguity, when the logogram is meant to be read as balam, either the phonetic sign ba is placed in front of it or ma is placed after it.

In the following example, you see two words, namely pakal 'shield' and witz 'mountain' spelled in several different ways, purely logographic, logographic with phonetic complements, and purely phonetic.

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Ancient Scripts: Maya