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Inthe store chain floated on the London Stock Exchange and four years later, the acquisition of Sports Division, its largest competitor at the time, turned it into the largest sports retailer in the UK.

Maidenhead: McGraw Hill. Whelan may have been an influencing leader at the beginning of the business, however, as the business expanded it is clear that Whelan was concerned with order. Psychological Bulletin. What went wrong at JJB Sports?. JJB fights on despite cut in replica kit fine.

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This would lead to a de-motivated staff as there is no opportunity for staff to improve their abilities. JJB also ran health and fitness centres in the Republic of Ireland, which are now operated by Sports Direct, following the liquidation of the company. It never recovered from the mismanagement.

King, N.

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This was partly in response to the interim financial report, and also as a result of Coface removing credit insurance. Two company voluntary arrangements in and — legal agreements designed to reduce rent costs for struggling retailers — shrank the store portfolio but failed to save the business. However, JJB did operate its own brands, including 'Patrick' menswear and football accessories , and 'Olympus' womenswear and fitness accessories. Motivation and Personality. This lowers morale within employees as they feel they are not trusted or that their abilities not being utilise at its fullest. New York: NY Harper. Lee agrees with Morris that these different ways are divided into two forms: 1. Kuhnert, K. In his study he looked at a number of motivational theories and how these theories have been used to in relation to motivation in sporting and physical activity setting. This strict control system and close supervision can be seen as a hygiene factor King, Herzberg,

Last accessed 10th Nov Lochbaum et al found that it has been very helpful in understanding effect, cognitions and behaviours as related to achievement motivation in both a sporting and exercise setting.

The acquisition made JJB one of the largest sports retailers in the United Kingdom, focusing on sports clothing rather than sports equipment.

The structure of leadership within the retailer would be seen as transactional.

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Management Issues