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Effective group development skills increase the productivity of the whole group. Downside of Being a Leader Mentioned below is the downside of being a leader: Accountability Since you are the leader, you are responsible for the acts of your team members.

King a great leader will also be addressed.

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The leader inspires his team to work hard and together they work to achieve the set goals and evolve the members professionally. In order to lead a group and influence their completion of specific goals, one must be capable of successfully communicating among ones peers. These terms defined leadership as a process of standing up, taking charge, and achieving a common goal amongst peers to be successful.

Lastly, leaders learn from books and school. My leadership skills will be enhanced through this opportunity. He stands over his army with one foot placed on the edge of the boat and his head help up high while overlooking the turbulent seas ahead, leading his men into battle.

Leadership competencies can be used to effectively select, develop and promote leaders in an organization. A leader must also understand how to manage their resources. Is leadership a tangible skill, something that can be taught? I have selected the option 1 that is to interview the business leader or any professional.

Having administrative skills is a big part in being an effective leader.

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