Italicized handwriting analysis

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Many graphology experts - or scientists who study handwriting analysis to you and me - believe that your written words say more about you than you may realise. Follow the author Follow elgorsvan Related Posts:. Self-control and repression levels are so intense that he may explode in violent actions.

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Your handwriting can reveal a lot about your personality. Some people write straight up and down, some slope to the left or right, and some folks will slant only the beginning letter. Slope Slope refers to the directional quality of a grapheme or set of graphemes-a word. Print is a regressive type of writing. Slanting Slants to the left: If your handwriting slants to the left, experts suggest you may like to keep to yourself, usually preferring to work alone or behind the scenes. It is difficult to draw firm conclusions as we often change our handwriting style in response to our mood or different writing materials; have a look at your own handwriting today and decide for yourself. Differences between Print and Cursive Handwriting Interpretation. Handwriting Interpretation: Capital Print letters If we analyze this writing from a negative side, we observe that feelings do not flow with spontaneous movements through writing, manifesting the needs, instincts, creativity, but that the individual controls himself, withdraws himself and hides behind the impenetrable automatism and in the habits of conventional rules. Wide spacing between words: If you have wide spacing between your words, you may particularly dislike being overwhelmed and enjoy your freedom. Because of the way we were taught we may once have had a similar style of handwriting to our friends at primary school, but over the years we develop individual characteristics that are unique to us. Their characteristic is that they lack accessory traits.

Using print is not exclusive to adolescents. Cursive is writing where all of the letters of one word are joined, and despite what some may think, was actually developed to make writing faster! No slant at all: If your handwriting is straight up and down then your thinking may be the same.

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This may turn them inflexible, with difficulty to adjust to situations. This font resembles the script primarily used after the Emperor Charlemagne decreed that all handwritten words should use a universal template.

So what are your distinguishable handwriting traits and, more importantly, what do they say about you?

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Left-writing with a slant to the left may indicate that you are more reserved and introverted. Would you say your handwriting is rounded and bubbly or pointed and spiky?

But did you know that by studying the various handwriting styles that people use, you can learn a little about their disposition, stress level, and even their blood pressure?

Italicized handwriting analysis

In other cases, adolescents feel forced to please the model that the environment imposes and, before the impossibility of expressing their desire and their own identity, they restrict it using print. Allograph An allograph is an examination of two forms of the same grapheme. They are very voluntary and intelligent. Shape Rounded-rounded letters point to a creative, artistic personality. Includes professional follow-up by a CBT therapist. They do not allow their feelings to come out spontaneously. What is the link between handwriting and personality?
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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?