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Today this definition has become quite ambiguous in the minds of many people because of the eclipse of religion in the modern world and the spread to the rest of the globe since the 19th century.

Importance of islamic civilization

The study of history held a particular fascination for Arab Muslims imbued with a sense of mission. Sometime between 1, and 1, B. Around this same time the Etruscans moved into present day Italy. The first Muslims were Arabs and they went on to conquer many countries. The fading of so many separating frontiers was the beginning to the construction of new Arabic societies. The fifth and last pillar was the hajj, the promise to go at least once on a pilgrimage to Mecca. The northern parts of India frequently were raided and invaded by the Turks, all the way from Afghanistan to Central Asia. In addition, they recognized the infectious character of bubonic plague, pointing out that clothes could transmit it.

It was managed by Syrian Christians and became the center for most Muslim practical learning and the model for the hospitals built under the Abbasids between Yet, the implementation of democracy is different in each country; it depends on historical and cultural factors in the country. The answers to these questions are to be found in a unique conjunction of historical forces.

The Dome of the Rock captures many stylistic traits similar to the Byzantine Cathedrals. He developed in detail trigonometric tables containing the sine function.

history of islamic civilization

Islam always encourage to gain knowledge, prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, May peace be upon himadvice his followers to seek knowledge. To estimate the size of the world Al Biruni used the height of the mountain and the angle of dip of the flat horizon from the mountain.

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Western civilization is too modern, Islamics are too…. By the mid's in the Baghdad capital of Abbassids under Harun al-Rashid and al-Ma'mun, Islamic culture as well as commerce and contacts with many other parts of the world flourished.

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Islamic Civilization