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What kinds of student, staff, or faculty diversity are you thinking of as you answer this question, and are there other ways in which diversity manifests in campus communities that might be valuable to consider? Draft answers to these questions to help you start thinking about your diversity statement.

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However, it can sometimes be helpful to describe these experiences especially if they give you a particular understanding for working with a specific population.

Identify specific experiences Much like teaching statements, diversity statements are stronger if you can be specific rather than talk in generalities.

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Focus on common understandings of diversity This will include race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. Do you do any service or work with diverse or underrepresented populations? Think not just race, ethnicity, and SES, but about age, religion, academic preparedness, disability, gender expression, or other differences. Draft answers to these questions to help you start thinking about your diversity statement. What does diversity, equity, or inclusion mean to you? You are not required to share all the details of your own background of you are uncomfortable doing so for some reason. The wording that universities and colleges use in framing the request for a diversity statement varies widely. Three areas that might be included in a diversity statement are 1 your values related to diversity, 2 your experiences working with diverse populations, and 3 your future plans related to inclusivity. Below you will find answers to all of your questions. Think about your experience with research mentorship, teaching or tutoring, academic advising, and community mentorship. When they ask about diversity this is what they are most likely referring to and talking about other types of diversity might dilute your statement.

What would you like to do in future departments related to diversity and equity? Future plans for continuing to advance inclusive excellence, diversity, or equity in your research, teaching, and service.

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The document is also an opportunity for applicants to highlight their understanding of the barriers faced by under-represented or marginalized groups, as well as their own experiences meeting the needs of a diverse population of students, staff, and peers.

If so, describe the connection.

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Writing a Diversity Statement