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Marketers see a brand as an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a brand will continue with future purchases of the same product.

Moreover, the consumer gets value for the money spent.

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Road Show Launch a Road Show in shopping mall during weekend 10am to 10pm though out the whole Malaysia, the purpose of the road show is to create the awareness of Horlicks Chocolate, drive trial and increase purchase volume. This will probably become more important than price for many customers once they start to use your product. No one element can be considered in isolation — you cannot, for example, develop a product without considering a price, or how it will reach the customer. Anything that can be seen by the customer must be consistent with these higher quality expectations — packaging, environment, promotional materials, letterheads, invoices, etc. Facilities such as clean, tidy and well-decorated reception area can also help to re-assure. Brand management is a total approach to managing brands that is sometimes extended, by those who understand the power of brands, to cover the whole approach to managing the company. Both business history and current practice remind us that without proper marketing, companies cannot get close to customers and satisfy their needs. Horlicks plan to launch both product at RM It covers nearly all kind of audience and of all genders. A tree has an implied promise of beauty and shade. Its objective is to cater to the needs of all the age groups.

There are in total of three pricing strategy that will be implement and one discount to be offer. Everything and everyone is a brand If you get down to the detail, everything is a brand, because we build our understanding of the world by 5 creating associations about everything.

When people see you, or even hear your name, they will recall the image they have of you, which is something you can actively manage or 'let happen'.

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The value of the brand is determined by the amount of profit it generates for the manufacturer. A brand is a promise First and foremost, a brand is a promise.

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This price will implement only once a while that will able to let customer feel rewarded for being loyal towards Horlicks. It is just as important to ensure your internal stakeholders are aware of the value and attributes of your products. It says 'you know the name, you can trust the promise'. In contrast, the successful company will find out what customers need or want and then develop the right product 8 — with the right level of quality to meet those needs now and in the future. In this regard, Brand Management is often viewed in organizations as a broader and more strategic role than Marketing alone. There are in total of three pricing strategy that will be implement and one discount to be offer. Ending price for the distributor will be RM Besides the new packaging, price is often one of the main clause that catch consumer attention for the first time. GSK can hires and trains independent distributors to sell their products to their friends and family, leading to a huge network of salespeople offering Horlicks drink at a small, local level. You-Tubers You-Tubers are the individual you-tube user or the group of peoples with creative ideas which will always create short story or funny video and share in their You-Tube website to attract more subscriber. Horlicks plan to launch both product at RM This process is called marketing planning.

Horlicks also launched a television ad campaign created by JWT featuring kids which aired across channels. Price Horlicks has set up a marketing research team that collects data about their own as well as about their competitors products.

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