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But then I started to meet others who were in on the secret.

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In this, and in many other instances throughout this multilayered novel, Dunn challenges the notions we use to distinguish self and other, normal and bizarre, perfection and deformity, appearance and reality. Of course this was not a problem for Crystal Lil. The cover, sporting an angular, handmade font against show-stopping neon orange, was designed by a relatively unknown junior designer, Chip Kidd. Well, maybe you are, but your differences would likely fade were you to compare yourself to most of the characters in this best-selling novel from Katherine Dunn, so best-selling in fact that it has never been out of print. Again, as an adult, Oly allows her familial relationships to define her, and again she must keep her true feelings hidden. We never really find out why Boston Brahmin Lily chooses the low road, but we do see both the dark and the light sides of their children. Flipping between childhood stories and the present-day activities, the reader follows Oly through her entire life. The twins Electra and Iphigenia are Siamese twins. For one, its subject matter is tetchy and difficult, and modern filmgoers would not necessarily be able to easily jibe with the CGI freaks that would be required to make this into a feature film.

Miss Lick, as Oly reveals, is actually a devoted follower of the Arturism method of thinking and frequently will find girls whose lives seem to be predictably useless and disfigures them so that they will reach their full potential.

Legacy[ edit ] As of [update] the book sold more thancopies, 10, of them ebooks.

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At best, one might picture a staggeringly great NCrated cult movie achieved through stop-motion animation. Olympia is an albino dwarf and Fortunato a. What are the rewards of doing so? Katherine Dunn set the table for this whole modern freak show vibe.

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I went in thinking, yeah, art, beauty—my meat, drink, and air.

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Geek Love by Katherine Dunn