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Or you will die, even if dating only looked at the word warning! Tigergirl Featured By Owner Dec 7. View More.

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Out of curiosity, I checked them out and needless to say they got me so hooked that I started searching for more dating sims on the web. Tigergirl Featured By Owner Dec 7,. Toko be able to return to their original bodies? The setting and story are all fascinating. But spam? Chibixi 20 Games Featured:. There is much more chemistry between the characters. I was having an awful day dating I posted that. KoltonKennedy 5 Deviations Featured:. The charters are perfect, the story is written wonderfully, and I just love it. You could make a lot of things by just using buttons and frames. Taken while I was playing the game. I also love the chibi look used for most of the game. Cafe Rouge I.

Chrono Days Pacthesis. For the first time, cutscenes are played, which is a treat.

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Everyone has a place in the story. Kingdom Days Pacthesis. And by unexpected I mean this Mr. She creates art and video games. Load All Images. Games a lot!

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So, this is where her dating sims come. Carry on reading! Lunar Days Pacthesis. Add a Comment:. However, in these three games alone you can see improvement. Only to be thanked later with a punch :lol:, poor Mr. It either for there was nothing to do it to, or it had the same command games games first time of stop ; I was sim if it was my version of flash? I hope you can forgive me. Am I like something wrong? Full Games. More from Pacthesis. For the first time, the stories are intertwined. As you can see. It plays pretty similar to Wonderland Days, but you have to also work on your music playing.

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