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The film also suggests that understanding and acceptance of other enable sound relationships can confirm their sense of belonging. This particular student was in absolute awe at her bravery, and finally got the chance to tell her so when Meip personally Meditations vs. The small town had a forest until the government tore it down for the Barons.

She soon realizes that most of her students have never heard of the Holocaust. I found that after watching this movie, it has inspired me to become a teacher like Mrs. The extended metaphor of the daughter being a cargo boat is developed throughout the first three stanzas of the poem. In this moment, she realizes that both sides of the conflict are affected by the same, senseless violence, and that protecting injustice in the name of her group identity will only tear more families apart.

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In this stage we assign meaning to people and situations and it is influenced by expectancy and familiarity. A riots. Erin Gruwell inspired her diverse students to become one and succeed in school; qualities I believe all teachers should have. Hire Writer We see a long shot of the whole classroom showing its layout and the segregation between gangs. Erin Gruwell begins to teach in a historical context of racial tensions. I understand the context of this movie because I grew up in Southern California and it is not a safe neighborhood at some parts. Erin Gruwell Hilary Swank , a new, excited school teacher leaves the safety of her hometown, Newport Beach, to teach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, which was previously known as a high achieving school which has recently put an integration plan in place.

Then multiple mid-shots are shown of the gang itself and its individual members to decipher the multiple gangs, their attitudes towards school and their way of life.

The main idea of the story should be clear for the reader. At Wilson High School, these divisions are strikingly visible. In the movie The Freedom Writers, Eva rats on a member of her gang in court, betraying her people. In this case it would be the ruling by cultural influence where white people have the power and dominant control over people from ethnic minorities.

Erin Gruwell begins to teach in a historical context of racial tensions. It can change peoples values on life and their attitudes and behaviours towards things and that is what we draw from the film.

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In the poem, the poet describes his daughter as both a cargo ship and as a bird.

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The Freedom Writers Diary Quotes by Erin Gruwell