Factors influencing employee s job satisfaction

If the employee is not performing well then what is the management doing? Not only is employee recognition important, but employers must realize that people will change over time. Thus, wherever challenges have involved the level of job satisfaction automatically raises up.

employee satisfaction

Such things as providing spacious work areas rather than cramped ones, adequate lighting and comfortable work stations contribute to favorable work conditions. Encourage healthy ambience at the workplace and also motivate employees not to participate in nasty office politics.

Importance of job satisfaction

It serves as a source of support, comfort, advice and assistance to the individual group members. If an employee does well in his or her project, which is supposed to be represented somewhere at a conference, it means a lot to him or her to have a name below the same. Set the ground rules so that people know as they change, what the expectations are for a successful relationship to continue. Responsibilities: This suggests that when an employee is given a bigger responsibility it makes him or her conscious about the fact that the employers think him or her as a capable and trustworthy candidate. There was never a forum to talk about it. Make employees feel as an indispensable resource for the organization. Liberal and fair policies usually result in more job satisfactions. It can decline even more quickly than it developed. The alienation takes place, and hence the job satisfaction level falls drastically. If you can facilitate those conversations along the way, you will be much more successful.

Appreciation: Human race loves to get appreciated. Though it is a debatable point as to which one is the cause and which is the effect, but there are correlated to each other.

They need an environment which is healthy and safe and which caters for both personal comforts and facilitates doing a good job.

21 factors of job satisfaction

They will see to it as if they are getting the fruits of their hard work which will further inspire them to do more. Such people seldom think of changing their jobs and motivate not only themselves but also others to work hard for the betterment of the organization. As shown in the figure, all the four employees are dissatisfied when the working conditions are unfavourable. That was universal and continuous. Authority also needs to know what kind of feedback the team members respond to best. Employees do not like it when their every step and every action is determined by their supervisor. Now, what are the factors that contributes in making you love your job, bring the job satisfaction and ensure endless efficiency? A sense of loyalty towards the organization does not come out of compulsion. If on the other hand, the people are difficult to get along with, the work group will have a negative impact on job satisfaction. The employees, generally, want a pay system which is simple, fair and in line with their expectations. Employees often see pay as a reflection of how management views their contribution to the organization.

Some of the important personal factors are: 1. Now, what are the factors that contributes in making you love your job, bring the job satisfaction and ensure endless efficiency? When people feel that the organization; for which they are working, cares for them and takes actions to improve their work and lives, they are happy, and this creates higher satisfaction.

This is not only important to meet the rising expenses of lifestyle, but also boosts up the self esteem.

factors enhancing job satisfaction
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Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction