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This goal to succeed in life would, in turn, be reflected in the American dream. As well, they were in search of freedom whereby they could own land and carry out beneficial activities in life. The speaker of the poem is an American who planned to tour the Ellis Island and is having mixed feelings about the issue of immigration.

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And the federal government has never shied away from giving these white peasants support. But I believe he is right to say that the spirit of the beaconing is to people from Europe. In addition, the theme of living without has also been used in the poem to illustrate the American dream.

But at the same time, the nation refused to give him land to make that freedom meaningful. Among the themes portrayed in the poem is a journey. As well, personification is highly used to represent the beauty of the Ellis Island. And I believe that it was racist then, as it is now. However, the urge to have a better life forced the immigrants to settle in Ellis Island and forget about the ancestry land and all that it had. Charles Blow joined The Times in and became an Opinion columnist in The park was formerly opened on Flag Day, June 14, , as New Jersey's bicentennial gift to the nation. This is the game. The Island was a depiction of a destination that would, in turn, help people to change for the better. During the 19th and early 20th centuries the area that is now Liberty State Park was a major waterfront industrial area with an extensive freight and passenger transportation network. This is yet another way for the administration to restrict people coming from poorer countries, many of them countries with black and brown people.

It pains him that he had to leave that land and wishes that things could have been different. Therefore, the above reasons for migration have a similar goal to the American dream.

The speaker of the poem talks about how he left his ancestry land without anything in search of greener pastures. Just four years before the statue was erected President Chester A. The immigrants came to America without nothing except a few pennies, and they had the hope of attaining better jobs an education. Dreams are associated with human beings instead of forests. It only chafes at giving things to nonwhite people. The poet terms it as a forest of dreams made to accommodate the immigrants who had been working for so many years but had nothing. Martin Luther King Jr.

The beauty of the Island is a representation of good education, jobs and a better life as compared to the life that they had before the migration.

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