Delhi-city of indias national identity essay

The issue of diversity and nationalism and whether they complement or oppose each other, then, boils down to which vision of the nation is embraced. In plan and section, he created complex interpretations using parallel slots of structure.

unity in diversity in india ppt

Massie, who as early as pointed out that to consider the Brahmin as representative of all Hindus was as bewildering a statement as saying that the Italians represented all Europeans—there was too much diversity for simplistic statements to be true. To some thinkers, India was enriched and made strong by the breathtaking heterogeneity that had long been its hallmark; others argued that homogeneity was what made sturdy nation-states, and as far as possible, diversity ought to make way for a master culture, woven around a majoritarian religious principle.

The principle was that we could all continue to embrace our differences while staying wedded to a national consensus.

Delhi-city of indias national identity essay

This area, now called as Mehrauliwas also the seat of the Mamluk Slave dynasty. The assembly awaiting them displayed possibly the greatest collection of jewels to be seen in one place.

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It refers in general to the style of architecture the Europeans introduced in their colonies abroad.

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