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The government is more interested in the oil sector thereby not showing concern to poultry farming and this brings discouragement to the poultry farmers. We will also email you the download link. We plan on supplying cracked egg shells for some detergent companies for use.

A comprehensive business plan for poultry production that includes marketing and finances can help determine the feasibility of a value-added enterprise. You did extensive research; the business plan was well prepared and fully detailed.

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I was able to understand the business side of farming because of your business plan. Egg marketers, maize or feed suppliers, transporters, spent birds marketers etc shall all be affected positively. The roof and walls of the house can be made of any inexpensive local material, including bamboo slats, sorghum stalks, mud, wooden slats and palm fronds, as long as the structure is made relatively rat-proof.

StartupBiz Global provided a very professional and comprehensive business plan which I used for my business. Trapping is the best control. Create a website design that is easily navigational, loadable, and user-friendly.

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Good temperature control will enhance feed conversion and growth rate, making your poultry farming business more profitable. Sales to other farmers will generate additional income and provide the farm with reduce cost. Perches and roosts Chickens prefer to roost at night on perches. When you contact people and clients, present your business card to them. We know a site or two where we can place online advertisements and we would also make mentions of our poultry in online newspapers. We think the population base is large enough for our business and it has a stable economic base that promotes a healthy environment for the poultry. The success of your broiler poultry farming business will partly depend on the type of day old chicks which you buy. Building a Sustainable Business: a Guide to Developing a Poultry Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses helps alternative and sustainable agriculture entrepreneurs develop profitable enterprises. A major ingredient in most baked goods is eggs and we will be funding that through the poultry.

Also, to avoid overcrowding of ideas and thinning of the limited resources, focus will be on egg production for a long time under the supervision of an experienced consulting firm.

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Starting Broiler Poultry Farming Business Plan (PDF)