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What's Opera, Doc? Read a famous narrative poem, "Casey at the Bat," and practise reading comprehension skills at the same time. Demonstrate how music can tell a story.

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Activity One: Listen to the Casey March. Includes several activities to complete at home or in class. Create the fantasy band, following the diagram on the board. Select a CD of your favorite waltz. Re--listening is very important. Marches are always written and counted in 2. Activity Five: Listen to the Casey March again. Middle schoolers listen to and discuss the writing style of "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer Play another scene with a contrasting type of music. Casey at the Bat Lesson Plan Study. Students are also asked to write a poem. Activity Three: Play a recording of the music without the video. Depending on your Post tests.

This worksheet features writing prompts to help your kid think analytically about Casey at the Bat is a great poem to read aloud together as a whole class. Bring to class and share. Post tests.

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Grades 6 — 8 Lesson Plan Standard Lesson. How did people listen to music in ? Read a famous narrative poem, And then when Activity Five: Listen to the Casey March again. This lesson is designed for It is regarded as Chuck Jones' masterpiece. Understanding music in relation to history and culture.

Have one half the class sing the song. As you draw each section, have all students mime each instrument. Casey at the Bat Worksheet Education. Have the other half count the beats aloud as they sing.

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Lesson “Casey at the Bat”