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At the same time, he understandably believes Bloomberg needs to expand into new markets. And beyond the quality and breadth of our content, part of our appeal is the effort we put into our tagging and packaging — on the terminal as well as for syndicated video, photos and text. We are significantly investing in content expansion and workflow tools to be the go-to solution for global media outlets. Are those types of deals still of interest? Most notably with the recent launch of Bloomberg TV Canada, we have partner staff sitting in our newsroom in Toronto. This isn't so different from The New York Times' recent efforts to remind its audience of its signature investigative reporting in recent months via news alerts highlighting its biggest stories. Integration across content types — e. Bloomberg has seen tremendous growth in video over the past year, becoming No. To stay competitive, Bloomberg seems to feel it must resist the broad industry trend of homogenization in favor of becoming more like itself—the essential source, especially for paying Bloomberg terminal users, for business, markets, and financial news. Readers may find their stories on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, which is not that surprising, except that these social channels are starting to take precedence over the traditional homepage. Many publishers have been working with the same suppliers for years. Code can travel the world with a click; but news, at least for now, still needs people.

Are there new ways of presenting content that other media outlets want from Bloomberg? Bloomberg bearing down on business is also somewhat like BuzzFeed expanding its video offerings.

Video has been a huge growth area for us.

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Its concise, jargon-free reporting makes even the most complex issues easy to understand for all readers, not just investment professionals. Bloomberg Content Service has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years — both in platform offerings and internationally.

We have digital properties, a global television network, magazines, radio, live events and, of course, the Bloomberg Terminal, which is used in more than client newsrooms. Additionally, our text output continues to expand, now including Bloomberg Pursuits luxury content and a new fast commentary service in Bloomberg Gadfly.

Would Bloomberg ever consider producing content in tandem with another media organization? The Broad Niche In reorganizing, Bloomberg will eschew general interest reporting on topics like sports and education in favor of a stricter focus on business and markets. This has played an important role in expanding our international footprint.

For more information, please visit www. Integration across content types — e. In short, we are committed to supporting licensors from both a content and operational perspective.

Combined with its online home, SFGate.

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