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Who is this for: anyone thinking of starting a business, and with no previous experience.

All materials used in the workshop are provided by Caspia. Depending on the length of the overall planning period, there are planning periods of three, six or twelve months, and the level of detail decreases with increasing range of planning. This basically involves a one-day session with key management and other stakeholders such as investors, non-execs or strategic partners involved in your business who are key to future development. Workshops and seminars Boost your growth and profitability through best business practice workshops, seminars and masterclasses. For a period of six months, longer-term planning will start with the following half-year. Know that your case will stand up to critical scrutiny from financial professionals, analysts, and skeptical managers. Contact the organiser to request a refund. The outcome and deliverables include an implementational action plan for marketing that can be started on Day One. Business planning: key to running a successful practice This seminar will be a lively mix of theory and practical exercises on four themes: Business by design: an introduction to business strategy and business planning, including templates for architects and long-term questionnaire. The number of employees involved makes it more practicable and also more cost effective to run the training in-house. Making money: discussion on the levers of profitability; how to increase revenues and when to cut costs.

Select Page Business Development Workshops Caspia offers dedicated 1 day workshops for strategic and propositional planning and to develop business development and marketing strategies and plans.

And, everywhere, the competition for scarce funds is increasing.

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Event organisers always receive a flood of positive feedback from delegates attending our workshops and seminars, and we are often invited back for a repeat performance. This may be for one or more of the following reasons: They need a more tailored development programme to address issues specific to their organisation or their business sector.

In terms of how a business development plan workshop typically works, we can take you through a typical agenda and also put you in touch with other clients we have run these workshops for.

Case builder beware!

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We have a number of carefully structured workshop programmes that we can tailor to the needs of your audience, and we are happy to devise other programmes on request.

The workshop lasts a day and a full write-up will be delivered within 28 days which effectively is the business plan, recommended brand proposition and marketing strategy for the business.

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Strategic Thinking & Business Planning