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Make sure all your goals are S.

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Business goals and vision. Back to our candle example: You know you can produce candles a month. Another mistake is thinking it will be cheap. Listen to your customers. How much money are you asking for? Company overview. Jot down bullet-point notes in each section before you start writing to organize your thoughts and streamline the writing process. Current Assets: Make sure you have enough to cover at least the fixed costs, if not the variable costs. This differentiating element will multiply the consumer acceptance factor and will draw more revenues to all participating companies. Financial Plan Ah, the dreaded Financial Plan. With so many channels to reach your customer, which one is best for you? Will they be full-time employees or contractors? How do you plan on reaching your customers?

Market analysis. Come up with a content roadmap that lists the next articles you want created as well as your strategy for creating such content in-house vs.

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You can use a higher price point than average, copy the market average, or undercut your competition by pricing lower than the average. Scalability: How will you scale up as you acquire more customers?

Understanding the goals of your plan can help you set the right scope. What this meant for FedEx is that they could tell the customer exactly where their package is at any one point. You can play around with numbers, using a couple of scenarios as starting points and changing items like the price of the product or the cost of customer acquisition.

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Companies like TomboyX and Heyday Footwear are great examples of this strategy.

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