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I do talk about this painting, and these issues, in the Introduction of the book that accompanies this exhibition, to help put all of this into perspective. In this way, he also served as a spy for the North because he was able to learn much about Southern weaponry.

EJH: Although war loomed—and seemed imminent to many—during the s, when it started it was nonetheless a shock. Exposures of 15 seconds to a minute each meant action shots were blurred if successful at all; there was no way to capture a shell exploding or a body falling.

A new feature of the press in was the illustrated weekly newspaper, which had been established as a news medium of significance around the middle of the 19th century. Courtesy of the Collection of Ms.

This war would make it impossible to see our landscape, and ourselves, apart from its destruction. He spent time studying and working in New York, but later settled in Tennessee, where he recorded the mores of rural life: blacks and whites farming, picking cotton, and homesteading.

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His most famous canvas is 'The Underground Railroad'depicting events of aroundand including figures that can be identified as prominent Cincinnati abolitionists. Frederic Edwin Church American, — His work 'The Bombardment of Fort Sumter', a painting depicting the opening battle of the Civil War, and formerly attributed to Albert Bierstadtis considered Keys' masterpiece, and some would argue the finest Confederate historical landscape and even Southern landscape of the 19th century.

But the kind of painting he specialized in was basically on its way out.

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The Best American Civil War Paintings, Ranked