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Public recognition of minority cultures is seen as reifying cultural differences, which, it is hoped will disappear one day in a melted, homogeneous new public culture.

Moreover, important differences can be detected through our analytical description.

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Success entails helping diversity suppliers, vendors, and construction companies raise their productive output to a level where they are capable of winning company contracts and successfully delivering their goods and services as specified in the contracts without the company lowering the requirements of the contracts.

The regional responses in Flanders and Francophone Belgium have been relatively similar, although for different reasons Perhaps then companies would be able to truly unite their workforce because there would no longer be a diverse workforce but a united workforce with so much in common.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers In some cases, the values of TQM cannot simply be restated in terms of another culture's values because they are in direct contradiction.

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Even if this is not well known, the French-speaking education system does support minority language courses. This approach requires good management systems that create a productive work environment where all employees feel comfortable, confident, proud and included.

Indicators of Success: The success of this approach is witnessed when each individual within the company has achieved the highest level of performance of which he or she is capable.

Cultural differences in the workplace examples

They are listed in ascending order of what I believe diversity management should entail. Means, Objectives and Effects, London, Routledge, , p. Achieving the Desired Results: This is a relatively simple approach to diversity. Total Quality Management was a successful example of cultural diversity from its inception, as the concept was developed by combining Japanese and American management theories. Brand Image Desired Outcome: The purpose of this approach is to create a brand image of being a company that values the diversity of its employees. This acceptance must also lead to opportunities for diverse people to raise their potential, be promoted, and take on different roles and responsibilities that previously may not have been available to them in a less diverse-sensitive company. All people want hope. Rules of politeness Views of what is logical. This absence of a general rule has been questioned by the radical-right party Vlaams Belang and the Flemish liberals, and more recently also by the Flemish nationalist party N-VA

A Fifth Approach to Diversity In reality, there seems to be one final, higher level of diversity management that a company could attain. The compulsory dimension of the courses is lighter than in Flanders and the budget for the language courses is only a small fraction of that allocated in Flanders.

As in the French Community, this policy originates in the guest worker era of the s when minority languages were taught with the objective of allowing immigrant children to continue their education in their country of origin once parents returned.

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Familiarity, or sameness, unites us. All people love, laugh, hurt, cry, and grieve.

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How to Approach Cultural Differences in the Workplace