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On April 2,Galtieri invaded the British-held Falkland Islands, known as Las Islas Malvinas in Spanish, in what was seen as an attempt to increase his popularity.

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History The history of Argentina can be divided into four sections: the pre-Columbian time, or early history up to the 16th centurythe colonial period roughly tothe independence wars and the early post-colonial period of the nation to and the history of modern Argentina from around Jorge Rafael Videla seized power and imposed martial law.

Northern Isla Grande is similar in terrain to Patagonia's plains, while the mountainous area in the south is filled with forests and glaciers. Two months later, the Senate unanimously passed a law allowing people to alter their gender on official documents without psychiatric diagnosis or surgery.

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Since , the poverty rate has been cut by more than half. He was Great Britain, however, won a decisive victory, and Galtieri resigned in disgrace three days after Argentina's surrender. A brief intro to Argentina en. Both countries still claim sovereignty over the Falklands, and Argentina was outraged that it may have to confront the embarrassing fact that England could tap vast deposits of oil so close to its shores. In July, after months of protests and strikes by the farmers, the government, led by Vice President Cobos, sided with the farmers and voted against the president's proposed increase on the agricultural export tax. Scioli received Despite the introduction of several tough economic austerity plans, by the recession had slid into its third year. Word of Nisman's death spread quickly, getting the attention of the international media and prompting protests where demonstrators accused the government of corruption. On March 24, , a military junta led by army commander Lt. Juan D. Argentina's Secretariat for Human Rights announced Videla's death.

Kirchner vowed to aggressively reform the courts, police, and armed services and to prosecute perpetrators of the dirty war. Recession and Economic Instability In Dec.

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The ballotage system had been in the country's Constitution since a amendment. Peron died of cancer in at age

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In the presidential election of Oct. This southeastern section of the Northwest is often called the Pampean Sierras, a complex that has been compared to the Basin and Range region of the western United States. Argentina's economy is expected to grow 8 percent in , making it the fastest growing country in Latin America. The exact chronology of the repression is still debated, however, as in some senses the long political war started in Mesopotamia East of the Gran Chaco, in a narrow depression 60 to miles to km wide, lies Mesopotamia , which is bordered to the north by the highlands of southern Brazil. Argentina borders Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast, and Chile to the west and south. Scioli received The default could trigger an even bigger hike in inflation and cause the value of the peso to continue to fall. Marci received The Dirty War Begins The military began the "dirty war" to restore order and eradicate its opponents. The terrorist guerrilla organization Montoneros kidnapped and executed Aramburu.
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