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In Baumholder Outdoor Rec and bowling alley , Hanau International Club and Wiesbaden, Germany, soldiers who are 18 years old can buy alcohol at an on-base club or facility. Off-base clubs A noteworthy feature of many but not all bases are the bars and clubs located relatively close to the main gate of the base. A couple of years later, the Army followed suit, prohibiting on-base drinking on its bases such as Fort Bliss , Texas, and White Sands Missile Range which were within 50 miles of Mexico. On some foreign bases, we also heard of young enlisted personnel being fearful of venturing into unfamiliar settings. Survey measures The survey items concerning subjective availability of alcohol asked respondents to rate on a four-point scale from "very easy" to "very difficult" how easy or difficult they thought it was to obtain alcohol in a variety of situations, including on base after work, off base after work, from friends in the Navy, and from friends outside of the Navy. The interviews were analyzed by two anthropologists seeking recurring themes or topics related to alcohol availability. As a specific point of comparison, the mailed portion of the most recent World Wide survey to remote Naval personnel had a An officer in his late 20s who supervises young enlisted men and women stated: It used to be a couple years ago, when I was on midshipman cruise out in San Diego, that, if you were on base, and you were 18 years old, you could drink, as long as you didn't go off base drinking, that was fine. Methods In this paper, a qualitative analysis of 50 semi-structured interviews with U. Health behavior correlates of hazardous drinking by army personnel. The following quotes offer a glimpse at the textured character of alcohol availability off-base. It's very easy to come out here and drink when you are underage.

Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, 67 miles from the Mexican border, were drawn to the bars in Mexico by inexpensive alcohol and a minimum drinking age of 18, and often returned to base on weekend nights with high blood alcohol contents BACs. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize the relevant survey results.

Actually the commissary part of the Navy Exchange.

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They gave you lots of opportunities to drink. Federal law United States Code, Title 10, Section requires military installation commanders to adopt the same drinking age as the state where the military base is located.

References to the ease with which a newly enlisted crewmember could find inexpensive alcohol and the planning of drinking groups were recurring themes throughout the qualitative interviews. However, such differences were not found in the rates of alcohol use, especially when accounting for demographic changes in the military, suggesting that the substance use policies have not been effective in reducing alcohol use Bray and Marsden It is important to note that the evidence suggests that the vast majority of drinking by members of the military occurs during off-duty time.

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These beer displays were the first thing that a young person would see while shopping at the exchange. Following the thematic coding principles laid out by Ryan and Bernard [ 35 ], we coded the interviews for recurring themes or topics.

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Alcohol availability and the ecology of drinking behavior. Results The analysis of ethnographic interviews with young adults in the U. You can buy alcohol. Work-related social availability of alcohol is subject to prevailing norms in and around the workplace , whereas work-related physical availability of alcohol is constrained largely by social controls that take the form of policy, regulations, informal guidelines and enforcement of these rules, as well as geographical factors such as the clustering of alcohol outlets around the workplace. Continue Reading. Although the rates of heavy drinking also decreased over the past two decades for both military recruits and civilians, the researchers did not find sufficient differences in the rates to indicate that military alcohol policies have been particularly effective Bachman et al. Alcohol consumption is not permitted aboard U. Work-related social and physical availability overlap in that the prevailing norms around alcohol help policymakers shape the controls over alcohol and demand for and distribution of alcohol, which in turn affect norms. We get a paycheck on the first and the 15th. State Rep. Whereas objective social availability refers to the actual drinking of family, friends and social referents, subjective social availability consists of an individual's perceptions of drinking norms in a given environment. It's just little things; it's like this is retarded, I am an adult. The directive mandates that commanders "ensure that appropriate controls are in place to prevent endangering Military service members or the surrounding community," during such events. So a lot of people here are young and they are just coming out of high school, or it's the first time getting away from their parents and they all go crazy. You can't drink in the barracks, you know.

Abstract Background Heavy alcohol consumption rates are higher in the young adult military enlisted population than among civilians of the same age.

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Military Drinking Age