An analysis of the topic of the the comedy of errors by william shakespeare on the play the dromios

The Syracusans deny this and flee. Suddenly, the Abbess enters with the Syracusan twins, and everyone begins to understand the confused events of the day.

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Immediately, after he has sent his servant away to run some errands the action gets complicated because Dromio of Ephesus DoE enters the stage and confuses AoS with his master Antipholus of Ephesus AoE. Although at times these mix-ups and mistakes can be seen as frustrating and confusing, it is precisely these errors that drive the plot of the play.

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According to the situation on stage and to the characters the language differs greatly. All the characters seem to be on a constant search for someone or something they have lost. This provides the history of The Comedy of Errors , and helps the audience keep track of the confusion which unfolds during the play. This is further played up in a humorous context by the two Dromios, who themselves are called bondsmen. But Shakespeare complicated the plot of CoE by adding a second pair of completely identical twins: the Dromios, who literally serve as the comic element of the play. The ease with which these problems are overcome points to the central theme of the play: Love and felicity will triumph over all. Just watch me now. The sources Without any doubt Shakespeare took some ancient theatre material as model for his play. As one can imagine, much chaos ensues as a result of the misidentifications that occur throughout this play. At the end of the play, when Egeon is reunited with his wife Emilia, both his sons also end up married or almost, in the case of Luciana and Antipholus of Syracuse. In other words, the play is a comedy for the sake of comedy. The set does not change like it does in other plays, bit it stays at Ephesus. The Duke is so moved by this story that he grants Egeon a day to raise the thousand-mark ransom that would be necessary to save his life.

He can only escape by paying a fine of a thousand marks. However, in his quest to find himself he beings to be defined by things outside of him.

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It is first promised to Adriana, then to the Courtesanneither of whom receives it. Meanwhile, Antipholus of Syracuse and his slave decide to flee the city, which they believe to be enchanted, as soon as possible--only to be menaced by Adriana and the debt officer.

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However, this issue has real historical implications. Though the Antipholi and the Dromios are separated by class distinction, the time they spend together, and the camaraderie they share, suggests that each Antipholi actually has a brotherly relationship with his respective Dromio.

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He can only escape by paying a fine of a thousand marks. In addition to adopting the traditional five-act structure, Shakespeare creates act divisions which comply with the Evanthian and Donatian definitions of comic structure prologue, epitasis, protasis, catastrophe , and draws upon the classical stock of characters: the senex, servus, parasitus, matrona and meretrix. Of course, this does not mean that Shakespeare is a slavish imitator of all things Plautine. The Syracusans cannot but attribute these strange events to witchcraft, remarking that Ephesus is known as a warren for witches. When I am cold, he heats me with beating; when I am warm, he cools me with beating; I am waked with it when I sleep, raised with it when I sit, driven from doors with it whenI go from home, welcomed home with it when I return; I bear it on my shoulders, as a beggar wont her brat, and I think when he hath lamed me I shall beg with it from door to door. Dromio of Ephesus returns to the arrested Antipholus of Ephesus, with the rope. After 20 years the Antipholus in the play called Antipholus of Syracuse AoS who was rescued by his father decided to search for his mother an his twin brother without the agreement of the father.
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