An analysis of the philosophical essay the myth of sisyphus by albert camus

These certainly reached back to his expulsion from the Communist Party in the mids for refusing to adhere to its Popular Front strategy of playing down French colonialism in Algeria in order to win support from the white working class.

He begins with Don Juanthe serial seducer who lives the passionate life to the fullest. Camus, on the contrary, builds an entire worldview on his central assumption that absurdity is an unsurpassable relationship between humans and their world Aronson In response to the lure of suicide, Camus counsels an intensely conscious and active non-resolution.

These people build a boat to survive At each of those moments when he leaves the heights and gradually sinks towards the lairs of the gods, he is superior to his fate.

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He begins by describing the absurd condition: we build our life on the hope for tomorrow, yet tomorrow brings us closer to death and is the ultimate enemy; people live their lives as if they were not aware of the certainty of death. This goals of men and woman are false and in the end humans really accomplish nothing. This is how a life without ultimate meaning can be made worth living. Camus felt that it was urgent to critically examine these attitudes in a world in which calculated murder had become common. Similar to flow; optimal experience, Aristotle draws a fine line between activities or goals that are either means, ends, or both means and ends while claiming that the ultimate end is that which is the means is an end in itself These three ways are original and stimulating but is he right Yet, he seems to hide a deep secret. However, to others, the bible, Jesus, and the Lord are considered a myth. But a myth is a story that never happened. He proves this through the ancient myth of Sisyphus

The Myth of Sisyphus finds the answer by abandoning the terrain of philosophy altogether. Intending to serve loyally and to advocate a negotiated peace in the barracks, he was angered that his tuberculosis disqualified him Lottman, —31; Aronson25— At the heart of his analyses lie his ambivalent exploration of what it is like to live in a Godless universe.

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Sitting at a bar in Amsterdam, he descends into his own personal hell, inviting the reader to follow him. In this essay I will attempt to determine whether the acceptance of absurdity does indeed make life better.

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His monologue is filled with self-justification as well as the confession of someone torn apart by his guilt but unable to fully acknowledge it.

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Albert Camus (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)