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Education as the path leader of the youth: It is with the help of education that the youth can choose and seek their interests. Further, behavior refinement, and biodiversity are the two other key developments the youth can achieve through education.

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Keeping good health and creating suitable peaceful conditions and working for security are the other developments which the youth can achieve through education.

Learning is a continuous process, ending in the death and beginning at birth. The Sustainable Development Goals SDGs target 4 seeks for "Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all". At the end of the activity, teachers were asked to explain the experience of the observer.

Curiosity Encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and engaging youth in new things on a regular basis will spark their interest in innovative activities.

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The first is the use of disaggregated data in school accountability systems to identify and measure the performance of certain groups of students, such as students with disabilities and English language learners. To stick to the principal conceptualization of the topic, I would like to elucidate the issue in great details. Different workplaces have different expectations about communication, performance, success and even the use of technologies. So, it is incumbent upon every society to create constructive conditions for the youth so as to receive education. Professor Parker explained that the purpose of the activity was to see how students feel when they are trying to learn a new skill, helping teachers to remember what it was like to be a student. It would be no exaggeration to think of education vis a vis people like petals of the same flower or like two sides of the same coin, one entirely relying upon the other. Vision The vast majority of young people do not have a clear vision for their future professional career. IASE is in charge of the professional development of teachers from secondary school on and includes awarding degrees such as Bachelors, Masters and Diplomas to potential school teachers. We think big, hope for the best and envision a better tomorrow, thereof making unceasing efforts to turn our lifelong dreams into concrete actions.

The struggle for "education for all people" isn't easy as many perceive. Education should develop "the human personality and the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Given their different perspectives and experiences, their responses differed quite significantly.

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Youth and education